Marlaina Labrasca works as a Corporate Assistant with an arts and crafts manufacturing firm in Boynton Beach, Florida. She fulfills diverse secretarial roles and also handles scheduling and product design approval. Marlaina Labrasca earned her B.A. in Art History at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, graduating magna cum laude. With interests primarily in European art, she was a member of the school’s Art History Society. She also participated in track and field competition and continues to run.

Marlaina Labrasca is an avid cook and has attended numerous gourmet and pastry cooking classes. She tries out new recipes on a regular basis, incorporating a variety of authentic European flavors into her recipes. Among Labrasca’s favorite dishes are soups and beef stews. Her inspiration for new culinary creations comes through family travels to countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. One of Labrasca’s dreams is to travel the world and study under great chefs in their authentic traditions.

Marlaina Labrasca regularly volunteers at a local preschool and has experience teaching children tennis at a sports camp. She also volunteers at animal shelters and supports children’s orphanages in the area. One organization that Labrasca supports is Kids Fight Cancer, a Chicago-area nonprofit that abides by the motto “celebrating life.” The group helped reestablish the Oncology Activity Center at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, making it a motivational and educational space for children to understand and cope with their illness. Marlaina Labrasca has an interest in holistic healing, health and fitness, and alternative medicine, and she regularly attends yoga class.


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